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Travels With Nina Long Range Traverse

Travels With Nina Long Range Traverse

Travels With Nina on the Long Range Traverse

During this past Summer we were joined for a trip on the Long Range Traverse by travel writer Nina (from Australia) – Travels with Nina who documented her experience – have a read, and a watch.

An excerpt from her blog Travels with Nina;

“I did the four-day trek with World Expeditions, which meant our group of five trekkers was accompanied by two excellent wilderness guides, Andy and Steve. They not only navigated the completely unmarked trail for us, but also carried double what we did in their packs, to make sure we had little luxuries like hot meals every morning and night, and extra walking poles and other equipment if we needed it.

Don’t get me wrong – even with Andy and Steve it was still a huge challenge. Trekking for about 14 kilometres each day for four days straight, jumping over countless peat bogs, battling groves of tightly wound tuckamore, and scrambling up rock walls for hours.

But in amongst the painful tumbles, the mud baths and the burning thighs, there was great beauty. There were the spruce groves tucked between knolls of heather and ancient, bare granite. There were the soaring vistas that felt like they led to the end of the world.

There were the fields of wispy Arctic cotton, of thick purple pitcher flowers (the floral emblem of the Newfoundland province), and of amber-coloured cloudberries that we plucked from the earth to snack on as we walk. There were our wild campsites, on mountaintops and beside crystalline lakes, and that feeling of being miles from anywhere in a secret lost world.

Best of all, though, there was that feeling at the end of it all, that I was a little more capable of taking life on than I was before I left home.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Nina! Thanks for enjoying the trip with us!

Andy & Steve

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