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Gros Morne – North Arm Hills & The Tablelands

Gros Morne – North Arm Hills & The Tablelands

The plan:

Catch a boat from Cox’s Cove to the base of North Arm Hills, and head north to Trout River Pond, swim the narrows and continue over the Tablelands finishing in the Tablelands Parking lot. Approximately 50 km and would take me most of the day.

North Arm Hills and The Tablelands Approx Route.


I hired a boat – True North Atlantic Tours – from Cox’s Cove, and got a lift over with the owner’s uncle in a dory to the base of North Arm Hills…I got dropped at “stowbridges”. From the base I climbed up North Arm Hills to the flat pleateu on top. The first 16-18 km was really good going, open, great footing, with gradual up’s and downs.  Shortly after Sandy Pond, the ground softened up, and there were a few more quick ups and downs, and patches of tuck. I finally got some beauty views of trout river pond, and the tablelands around the 30km mark.  The scramble down over elephant head was slow but worked out nicely, and offered some nice views of Trout River Pond. The swim across the narrows was cold!!!!!!! (I might be a wimp, but it was a tough 20 meters).  Ill be honest, the swim had taken the good out of me, with the climb up the tablelands being steep… it was tough but it fun!…the wind had picked up too, and it dried off my clothes nicely by the top.  The Tablelands section was 5 km of a gradual down, and then a climb… there were a few beauty views, looking south to trout river, AND coming down over the tablelands to the parking lot.  And that’s where I stopped…Nat picked me up and we went and got a beer in Woody Point. Great Day! Roughly 12 hours.

Catching a ride in Cox’s Cove

Dory rides on a nice day

Stonebridges – Don’t leave me!

Climbing North Arm Hills

Top North Arm Hills – The terrain was good going! Tablelands in the distance

Trout River Pond and The Tablelands – First View

Trout River & The Tablelands


Looking South-West towards Mt St. Gregor

Scramble down Elephant Head (or Narrows Head).

View of the Narrows and Elephant Head. The water was cold on the 20 meter swim

Trout River view from the top of the Tablelands

Final descent to Tablelands Parking Lot!

Supported by beautiful wife Natalie as well as Cycle Solutions – Inov-8 Footwear.

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Gros Morne National Park

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