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Iceland – Running Vacation

Iceland – Running Vacation


We flew into Iceland (Keflavik Airport) the beginning of July and grabbed a rental car (booked well in advance) in Reyk, and headed from the city towards Vik, on the south coast.  We heard prior to the trip that we could rent a car, and simply drive the ring road, and see all the beauty sights…. which was spot on.  Over the next 7 days we drove…. initially we went to Vik, stopping for several beautiful waterfalls including, Seljalandsfoss, and GlJufrabui, enjoyed a somewhat abandoned hot pool, Seljavellir, and simply marveled at the tabletop hills, dotted with greens, reds, and at times whites, the black beaches, glaciers, mountains… the volcanic-shaped landscape… quite a uniquely beautiful country.  Over the following day’s we continued east to the “glacier lagoon” before we headed back west to the “golden circle” and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Wanda (my mother), Natalie (wife) and myself

After our week long vehicle tour, we headed out on the Laugavegur Hiking Trail… over four days (four huts) we walked 55km – the trail is well marked, and well traveled.  We all had a great time, read, chatted, meet new people, walked, cooked, and enjoyed the lunar-like landscape… and made it out unscathed – we were happy to be finished and happy to get a beer at our last hut ;).  After the hike we took several days and took in the sights and sounds of Reykjavik….beauty city with lots to do (for its size)

Team Photo

Driving thru southern Iceland

Southern Iceland – Moss on volcanic rock

Seljavellir Hot Pool

Seljavellir Hot Pool (free) surrounded by Eyjafjoll Mountains


GlJufrabui Waterfall

Black beach – Basalt columns

Black beach – Basalt columns

Glacier Lagoon

Skaftafel Glacier

Klambragil – Hot River near the town of HVERAGERDI

Skogafoss with Wanda

Driving to Snafellsnes Peninsulia – North of Reykjavik

Driving the Snaefellsnes Peninsula – Northern Section

Kirkjufell – Snaefellsnes Pen

Snaefellsnes Pen (Snaefellels Glacier)

Snaefellsnes Peninsula – Snaefellsjokull

Laugavegur Trail – Hike (race took place on the same trail)

Day 1: Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker Hut

Group Shot on the start of the Laugavegur Trek

The big climb to Hrafntinnusker Hut

Continuing the climb

As we got near the top, the weather changed, the temperature cooled, and a bit of fog rolled in

Day 1 complete – Hrafntinnusker Hut!

Day 2 – Hrafntinnusker – Álftavatn

12km, 5 hours

Lake Álftavatn – Amazing views atop Jökultungur

Lake Álftavatn – Hut is visible on the left hand side of the photo. The colors were amazing

Day 3 – Áftavatn – Emstrur (Botnar)

15 km – 7 hours

The trail lead us over the Brattháls Ridge into Hvanngil Ravine

Crossing the Blafjallakvisl River. It was cold!!

Onwards towards Botnar Hut – Volcanic Flats

The colors and contrasts on the walk thru Volcanic Flats was breath-taking

Evening hike from Botnar Hut – Markarfljótsgljúfur Canyon

Markarfljótsgljúfur Canyon

Leaving Botnar Hut(s) behind

Day 4 – Emstrur (Botnar) – Þórsmörk

15 km – 7 hours

Descending to the Syðri-Emstruá River – luckily we crossed this one on a bridge

Beauty views descending by the Syðri-Emstruá River – Einhyrningur mountain in the distance. Last climb before Volcano Hut, and our finish!

The Race

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