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Gros Morne – Around Gros Morne Mountain

Gros Morne – Around Gros Morne Mountain

22 km unmarked route

This route I had spoken with a few people around Gros Morne about… and a few people had completed it in the winter, having accessed the pleateau I wanted to travel along, via 10 mile pond (obvisouly 10 mile pond is frozen in the winter!).  We couldn’t access the pleateau via 10 mile pond, so the only way to make our way around Gros Morne mountain would be to hike in Gros Morne Mountain Trail, and continue towards ferry gulch, where instead of climbing the backside of the mountain, continue north dropping down towards 10 mile pond. There were some warnings regarding blow-downs, and of course our planned route dropping down towards the 10 mile… however I thought the views would be worth the heart-ache.

We left from Gros Morne Mountain Parking lot bright and early, and covered the first 7 km to ferry gulch in around 2 hours.. from there we had a few decesions to make as we headed off trail.  Initally we started the climb of the backside of Gros Morne Mountain, where we then backtracked down, and decided to skirt around ferry gulch pond, and use a section of the long range traverse before branching off.  We were initally going to follow a little stream down to the pleateau below, however we had to follow the game trails through the tuck, which lead us towards the east.  It was thick and tight, and at one point we contemplated turning around, but after a long bum slide down a steep section we were committed.  Once we had covered the descent, the terrain didn’t get any easier, with blow-downs, high grass, and rocky uneven terrain underfoot. We caught some nice views of some waterfalls on the north side of ten mile pond, and as we contiued along, on the soutern side of Gros Morne Mountain.  What I had hopped for, beauty views of 10 mile pond, we didn’t get until towards the end of the pleateau, where the thick brush kept us towards the interior of the pleateau. There was some more thick brush we had to get around before we got near eastern arm pond….before we skirted around the pond before connecting with some dirt roads, and making our way out.  It was near dark by the time we reached the highway… just in time to pick-up some beers and take in the Tragicaly Hips last concert.  What a day!!

From anyone wanting to attempt, I would certainly recommend some gaiters, and a strong resolve (along with navigational skills, and route finding).  Defintely not for the faint of heart!!


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