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Fogo Island

Fogo Island

Myself and Natalie decided to head up to Fogo Island for the May long weekend – Road Trip! We knew there were some nice hiking trails around a few of the communities, and that the northern part of island was mostly barren (the island is about 100 km around, and we also knew of the beautiful Fogo Island Inn in Joe Batt’s Arm, and of the interesting – architecturally – art studios/residences in Deep Bay, Fogo, Shoal Bay, Joe Batt’s Arm, and Tilting.

We took three days, running between the studios, starting with Bridge Studio in Deep Bay, and finishing in Tilting on Day 3 with the Squish Studio, using most of the hiking trails, some pavement, and off-trail – traversing the northern section of the island. In total it was around ~20km a day.  List of hiking trails here – http://fogoislandinn.ca/sites/default/files/trails.pdf

First, you have to take a ferry to get to the island!

We camped at Brimstonehead Lions Club, where we had the whole place to ourselves! On day one, we drove to and started in Deep Bay at the Bridge Studio, after which I followed a combination of off-trail, and pavement, until I met up with Natalie on Waterman’s trail, about 4 km outside the town of Fogo.  After pounding out the remaining trail, and taking a short break at our camp site before we hit up the Brimstone Head, and Fogo Head hiking trails.

Bridge Studio

Deep Bay Trail

Fogo Head Hiking Trail – Nat making her way up

Town of Fogo – Brimstone head (background)

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail – Natalie & Tim (dog)

Starting out Day 2 on the Lion’s Den trail, east of the town of Fogo, we were a little sore, but quickly covered the trail, until I was slowed significantly on the off trail section – traversing granite rock out-cropping’s between boggy sections didn’t lend itself to speed– but I made it over, and had a nice break at Tower Studio with Natalie.  We ended the day off with a little pavement, until we took a trail along the shore to the Fogo Island Inn, at Joe Batt’s Arm.  20 km on the day.

Lions Den Trail – Steve (blasting off), Tim (dog)

Lions Den Trail – Nat (partying down)

Tower Studio – Natalie and Tim (dog)

Fogo Island Inn – View from across the bay

Fogo Island Inn – Up close

The final day – I was running out of gas at this point.  What I initially thought was going to be an easy 10km day, turned into close to 18 km….we started with a short stop at the Long Studio just outside Joe Batt’s, and I continued on to meet up with Turpins trails with Nat, and finally finishing in Tilting at the Squish Studio.

Fogo Island Inn – Towering over the town of Joe Batt’s Arm

The Great Auk sculpture – Myself & Nat

Myself and Tim havin a look

Turpins Trail in Tilting – Steve

Squish Studio – Tilting

Tilting – Squish Studio Team Photo

It was a beauty weekend all around; the camp ground at Brimstone was affordable enough we snuck in an expensive dinner at the Fogo Island Inn…. And the weather, as you can see from the photos, was perfect.

Camping Brimstone Head – Nat and Tim

Brimestone Head Campground Sunset – Nat and Tim

Hiking Trails of Fogo Island – https://www.fogoislandinn.ca/outside/trails-paths

Fogo Island Inn – https://www.fogoislandinn.ca

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