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Codroy Valley – Grand Codroy Way

Codroy Valley – Grand Codroy Way

31km – Marked/ Unmarked

This unmarked route connects two marked trails, the Starlite Trail in Codroy Valley (5km), on the northern most end, and a rough road/trail Tableland Mountain (4km) near Port Aux Basque.


The Starlite trail, named after the former Starlite bar which burned down at some point, is located just south of Codroy Valley.  The trail is well marked and takes you either to Campbell lake (right hand turn at the fork), or to the top of Starlite mountain (left hand turn).  Most people do a return hike to the top of the starlite trail which is approx 5km return, and offers stunning views of Campbell’s Lake, and surrounding mountains. After about 2km I turned off from the main trail and continued east, continuing the climb through the tall grass…It’s a fairly unique landscape even by Newfoundland standards. After skimming around the outer edge of the mountains, around the 5km mark (around where one of the streams run down into Campbell’s Lake) I changed course to head south.  The terrain continued to be quite similar, high grass, with uneven footing, and undulating ups and downs, hard to make a good pace… as well, as I headed south you continue inland, crossing by a few lakes, and through a few small tuck patches before hitting a cabin around the 11km point.

Previous treks through I would follow the ATV trail from the cabins, which is OK, however can be muddy and tough in spots.  This time around I decided I would take a different route, and head further west towards the edge of the mountains, and then head out to Devil’s Tolt… a very prominent land-form, a stand alone peak which offered amazing views of the gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.  After visiting the tolt I backtracked through a dead-tuck forest, before continuing along the outer most edge of Table Mountain again offering amazing views of Big Pond and the surrounding landscape before hitting the Tableland Mountain dirt road.

As always, doing a one-way trek can be tough logisically, where this time round I had to hitch-hike back to my vehcile still parked in the Starlite parking lot…. it took awhile but I finally caught a ride.

Overall I would recommend this route, instead of following the ATV trails available.

Top of the Starlite Trail. Campbell’s Lake water shed and surrounding hills.

The grassy hills and landscape… with the gulf of St. Lawrence in the background.

The odd pond, and rocky terrain on the Long Range plateau

There are numerous trails, markers, and even a few cabins. Beauty views of the landscape, and glacial till

Heading out to Devil’s Tolt…. the Grand Codroy Way offers amazing views of numerous gulches if you stick close to the edge.

Big Pond from Devils Tolt

Devil’s Tolt, the prominent lump to the left… such amazing views of the mountains.

Almost finished!

The Grand Codroy Way as seen from Wreckhouse parking lot.

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